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Bridal Bouquet
On your wedding day the only important question will be "Will you marry me?"
Until then, we know you have lots of questions!
Here are some answers on how  we can help you plan your perfect day!

How to book an Appointment

Lorie Britton welcomes you by appointment only. Ring Around the Rose is an in-home studio located near the I-5/I-405 Interchange. Use the Inquiry form on the contact page, or call direct for a personal connection. 425-745-6209

RAR Studio
What do you charge?

Weddings start at $2000. Every detail of your wedding is customized for your event. A dream wedding comes at a dream price, but even those with moderate budgets will be delighted with the value we provide!

Bridal bouquets start at $150

Maids bouquets begin at $75

 Corsages at $25 and up.

Ceremony decor and reception decor are tailored to your budget

What is your booking policy?

Our contract is uncomplicated and straight forward. We receive a 50% non refundable deposit to assure you that we are committed to reserving that day for you. Click here to view a copy of our contract. 

How many weddings will you book in a day?

​Generally we only book one wedding per day. We will consider additional weddings only if they are at different times of the day and we can provide outstanding service and quality product for both weddings.


Where are other resources I can use to check you out?


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